The 29th Academic Annual Conference of CSE Held in Chengdu

On December 17 and 18, 2016, the 29th Academic Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Education (CSE), themed on “Improving Quality: The Foundation of Innovative Development of Education,”was held in Jintang County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. The Conference was attended by more than 1,500 people, including leaders of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and education authorities in Sichuan Province, as well as education scholars, principals, teachers and education administrators from all over the country.


Zhu Zhiwen, Vice Minister of Education, attended and addressed the opening ceremony. According to him, improving quality is a constant theme in education, and the overall and in-depth implementation of education for all-around development is essential to the rise in quality of basic education. In order to improve the quality of basic education now and for some time to come, the following aspects shall be emphasized particularly: Firstly, we should adhere to the correct direction of education and comprehensively implement the education policies designed by the Party; secondly, we should stick to the principle of centering on students’ development and follow the regular patterns of education and of students’ growth; thirdly, we should properly handle the issue of teachers, a key factor in education, and facilitate the formation of teaching force “with ideals, beliefs, moral integrity, large stocks of knowledge, and benevolence;”fourthly, we should carry out the overall coordination and systematically advance the reforms in basic education.


He also expressed his hope that CSE, the earliest and largest non-governmental academic organization in China’s educationsystem that directly serves the basic education system, can meet the following three requirements: Firstly, to organize problem-oriented and high-level research; secondly, with communication as the link, to establish an interaction platform with great scope and depth; thirdly, to strengthen the support and service for basic education reforms with profession-led efforts.


Zhong Binglin,Presidentof CSE,delivered an opening speech.According to him, the issue of “improving the education quality and advance the education modernization” has become the theme of the era for the innovative development of education. To develop basiceducation, which is anelementary and leading part in China’s national education system, we must seize the opportunity brought by the ThirteenthFive-Year Plan and find out scientific solutions for the reform and development of school education for some time to come. We should also strengthen our efforts to carry out systematic research and top-level design, advance the comprehensive reforms in schools, and promote moral education. Moreover, the modern information technologies shall be utilized in a creative way, so as to actively address the new challenges brought by the reform of college entrance examination system and the development of network-based teaching, develop new ways of teaching and learning, encourage students to learn proactively and collaboratively, and explore diversified and individualized models of personnel training. Furthermore, we must uphold the rule of laws about education and schools, and strive to establish the modern education administration system andmodern school system.

Wang Zhan, former Vice Minister of Education, member of the National Education Advisory Committee, Director of the National Expert Working Committee of Basic Education Curriculum Textbook under MOE, andconsultant of CSE, Zhu Muju, Vice President of CSE and Deputy Director and member of the National Expert Working Committee of Basic Education Curriculum Textbook under MOE, Yin Houqing, Vice President of CSE, President of Shanghai Education Society, and National Inspector, and Ye Cuiwei, Principal of Hangzhou No.2 High School of Zhejiang Province and Vice President of Senior High School Education Professional Commission of CSE made keynote speeches during the Conference, respectively themed on “Strategic Significance andMethodological Features of Improving Education Quality under the New Circumstances,”“Revision of Curriculum Standards for SeniorHigh Schools,”“Reform of Basic Education in the New Era of Quality,” and “A Report of Teaching Quality.”

Based on its theme, the Conference also organized a guest interview, two panel discussions, ten sub-forums and eleven micro-forums, so as to expand the exchange and sharing of the teachers’experience in education and teaching reforms, engage more teachers in the academic research of education, and promote the professionalization of teachers in primary and secondary schools. More than one hundred education experts participated in the activities and had in-depth discussions on a variety of topics, including family education, preschool education, middle school education, quality education, after-school education, mathematical literacy, brain science and education, English education, wisdom education, financial quotienteducation, STEM+, 9-year and 12-year schools, A-Level courses, prerequisite courses for Chinese colleges, moral education, independent management, kindergarten culture, problem-based learning, promotion of the teaching and research staff’scapability, high-quality education life, and core qualities. The activities presented the latest research and practical achievements in several relative fields.

In addition, the Conference also presented awards to the winners of Essay of the Year in 2016, Excellent Organizers, and Most Powerful Reviews of CSE in 2016. Letters of appointment were issued to the first special inspectors of CSE during the Conference as well.

The Conference was sponsored by CSE and organized by Sichuan Association for Promotion of Educational Excellence. It also received strong supports from the Department of Education of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Education Society, Chengdu Bureau of Education, Chengdu Education Society, the People’s Government and Bureau of Education of Jintang County, Chengdu City, and Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation. Centering on “improving education quality” and embracing the educationmodernization, the Conference brought together elite performers in basic education and comprehensively demonstrated the latest theories and practical results of the innovative development of basic education. Focusing on the hot issues and difficulties in education, the participants made joint efforts to explore the issue ofinnovatively promoting the education quality in theoretical, institutional and practical terms.