About CSE

The Chinese Society of Education (CSE), the nation’s first and the largest academic organization for education, was founded on April 12, 1979. Over the past three decades, we have grown into a nationwide network covering all subjects and activities in basic education, a leader in academic research, and a trend-setter for educational reform.

Committed to academic research and serving our members and the public, we endeavor to unite education researchers, practitioners and people with a passion for education, to spread and advance the science of education, to actively engage in educational public service and public governance, to provide consultation on education policy, to foster career development and professional growth of headmasters and teachers, and eventually to contribute to the building of a modern educational system for China.     

The services we provide include academic research and exchange, editing and publishing of books and magazines, professional training, exhibition, international cooperation and consulting. We hold regular academic conferences, such as the annual CSE conference, the National Conference of Headmasters of Primary and Middle Schools, the National Forum on the Development of Future Educators, and the National Online Competition for Best Practice in Basic Education. Entrusted by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, we also review and finalize the National Best Practice Award in Basic Education and the National Award for Teaching Excellence.

In addition, we offer support and consultation services for: pilot zones of basic education reform, pilot programs for advance placement courses, on-the-job training for headmasters and teachers, construction of the China Digital Education Exhibition, development and application of security measures and evaluation of kindergartens and schools; review, appraisal and promotion of best practice in education; development of professional standards for education and teaching; as well as academic exchange and cooperation.

We have 54 branch organizations, 97 institutional members and over 10,000 individual members. We publish such journals as Journal of the Chinese Society of Education, Future Educationalist, and Mathematics for Primary and Secondary Schools.