New Policy, New Trend & New Technology: Services Upgrade Led by Academics

The 2017 CSE Member Day Celebrated in Beijing

On July 21st, 2017, the Chinese Society of Education (CSE) celebrated the 2017 CSE Member Day, themed on “New Policy, New Trend &New Technology: Services Upgrade Led by Academics,” in Beijing. ZhongBinglin,President of CSE, Yang Nianlu, Vice President and Secretary General of CSE, and Huang Guizhen, head of the Division of Teacher Development under the Department of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education (MOE), attended the event. 


Zhong Binglin addressed the opening ceremony, stating that CSE, as the earliest and biggest public-interest academic organization open to the masses and directly serving the basic education work in China’s education system, bears the responsibilities to promote the popularity and prosperity of education sciences, participate in public services and public governance, provide supports for government education policies, and contribute to the professional development of front-line principals and teachers in basic education institutions. The host of the Member Day is an important attempt of CSE to explore new ways of organizing academic events and  serving the members. He emphasized that, at present, China’s education has entered a new era, with promoting education equality, improving education quality, and optimizing education structure as the main tasks. The reform of basic education is facing both significant opportunities and various challenges. The reform of the school examination and enrollment systems is deepening, the internet-based teaching is growing, and the educational approach of STEAM is also burgeoning—all these set forth new requirements for the basic education reform and professional development of teachers in primary and secondary schools. CSE will continue practicing its principle of “Academics-based Work to Offer Services,”place the focus of our efforts on member services, further innovate on organizational mechanisms and activities, and carry out more work regarding the professional development of teachers, so as to provide more diversified and better services for the professional development and career progressionof members, and of school principals and teachers.


Yang Nianlu delivered a keynote speech titled Following the Leading Academics, Innovating on Member Services, and Facilitating the Professional Development of Members: CSE Comprehensively Upgrades Its Member Services. He pointed out that, members, as an important part of CSE, are the recipients of CSE services and focus of CSE work. CSE should consolidate the member-oriented philosophy, boost the core role of members, and place the focus of future efforts on the professional development and growth needs of members, so that the capability and intelligence of our members can serve as an inexhaustible source of force fostering the development of CSE. He then introduced the specifics of CSE services for its members. Firstly, CSE will seek to offer services via both online and offline channels. The major problems in online services will be gathered offline, and various platforms will be established to settle the problems. Secondly, CSE will set up a communication platform(e.g. a member salon) for its members, on which the members can interact and share results with each other, thus to ensure the everyday communication and sharing among the members. Thirdly, CSE will provide the latest information and professional tools for its members, such as online education teaching cases, and equip them with practical methods and assistance. Fourthly, CSE will integrate the principle of public interest with value-added services, so as to satisfy the special needs of different members.


In her speech, Huang Guizhenfully recognized the member services offered by CSE. She observed that, CSE, based on the current situation and needs of teacher development, has committed to studying policies, innovating on theories, exploring new practices, and promoting its research results. It keeps forging new ideas and ways of serving the professional development and career progression of members and school principals and teachers, and there are many highlights in their successful cases. She hoped that CSE can implement the major decisions of MOE regarding teacher development, play a bigger role in linking important education-oriented think tanks with school principals and teachers, strengthen the research on teacher development theories and policies, implement new approaches in regions with proper conditions, provide the basis for the overall policy decisions of education administrative departments, and offer more effective academic support and services for school and teacher development.

The event recognized the first excellent individual and organizational members, and invited the representatives to share their experience.

Three sub-forums were respectively themed on “Facilitating the Professional Development and Growth of Teachers,”“Leading the Sound Development of Tutoring Education,” and “Trend in the New Education Services,”during which report presentations and roundtable discussions were held.Renowned education experts and scholars, corporaterepresentatives, primary and secondary school principals, and senior media professionals gathered together, exchanging and sharing their views on various education-related topics.

This event demonstrated that CSE has always practiced the core philosophy of taking member services as its central task. Guided by the vision of “building the  home of teaching staff and cradle of future educators,” CSE will leverage advanced technologies to establish a leading service system for its members and provide a high-quality platform for their professional development.