The Third Round of National Training Plan of  “Legacy of Calligraphy — National Calligraphy Teacher Training Program of Primary and Secondary Schools” Launched in Beijing

On July 5th, 2017, commissioned by the Ministry of Education (MOE), and co-organized by the Chinese Society of Education (CSE), China Calligraphers Association (CCA), and Education Calligraphy and Painting Association (ECPA), the third round of national training plan of “Legacy of Calligraphy — National Calligraphy Teacher Training Program of Primary and Secondary Schools ” was launched in Beijing. The opening ceremony was attended by over 300 calligraphy teachers, researchers, officials, experts and scholars from North and Northeast China.

Su Shishu, member of the Standing Committee of CPPCC and Chairman of CCA, stated at the opening ceremony that the third training will be built on the successful experience of the past two trainings, follow the spirits of  “Guidelines for Primary and Secondary School Calligraphy Education,” and highlight the quality of specialty during the training, so as to improve the handwriting skills of trainees and perfect their proficiency; the third training willprioritize standardization to ensure that calligraphy education will proceed in harmony with other education programs in primary and secondary schools, particularly Chinese and Chinese literature education; and the training plan should be specific and targeted, so as to distinguishthe project from other calligraphy trainings, making calligraphy education an important means to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture and foster patriotism.

Wang Dai, Deputy Inspector of the Department of Basic Education, MOE, fully recognized the achievements of the last two trainings and came up with three suggestions in his speech. Firstly, he wished a stronger sense of responsibility can be nurtured among calligraphy teachers and calligraphy amateurs, who should undertake the key responsibility of advancing calligraphy education with an unswerving dedication to becoming the inheritor of Chinese calligraphy and the promoter of Chinese calligraphy education. Secondly, he expected the calligraphy education to follow the principle of  “learning and applying what you learn in life.” Beneficiaries of the specialized training should pass what they have learned to all the primary and secondary schools across the country, putting what they have learned to good use. Lastly, he believed that collaboration is the way to gain substantial results. When the efforts of CSE, class committee and trainers are pulled together, the Legacy of Calligraphy training will forge ahead steadily and embrace remarkable effects.

      As the end of the ceremony, Yang Nianlu, Vice President and General Secretary of CSE, concluded that Chinese characters are the cultural gems of the Chinese nation and important treasure of human civilization; calligraphy education plays a crucial role in nurturing students’ handwriting skills, aesthetics and cultural qualities; and the key to calligraphy education is strengthening the training of calligraphy teachers.

The calligraphy teachers who attended the launching ceremony also said that, by receiving the systematic training this time, they hoped to become the backbone of calligraphy education, research and training of local calligraphy teachers in schools where they based.


[About the training program]

Legacy of Calligraphy — National Calligraphy Teacher Training Program of Primary and Secondary Schools” is a program launched by MOE and China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, by implementingthe Outline of National Medium-to-Long-Term Plan for Education Reform and Development, and following the key instructions outlined by the Opinions of MOE about Developing Calligraphy Education at Primary and Secondary Schools and Guidelines for Primary and Secondary School Calligraphy Education. Designed in accordance with the demands of comprehensively implementing education for all-round development in the new phase, the training is expected to be a crucial approachto inherit and carry forward Chinese culture and ensure that calligraphy courses will be developed in line with the Guidelines.

Since 2015, the “Legacy of Calligraphy — National Calligraphy Teacher Training Program of Primary and Secondary Schools” was started with the aim to train around 7,000 fresh calligraphy teachers in primary and secondary schools and calligraphy researchers from provincial, regional and county levels in around five years. Thus, the calligraphy education for these schools will be further promoted, popularized and enhanced in its quality, which helps to spread the spirits of calligraphy, this wonderful tradition of Chinese culture. The program delivers category-based and multi-level trainings, where local trainings are guided and inspired by their national equivalents. The national training is further divided by regions of North China, Northeast China, East China, Central China, Southwest China and Northwest China. Teachers who acquire the qualification of national training will teach and research in calligraphy on a long-term basis, and also serve as the guidance of regional training.

The program has been held two times so far, and trained nearly 2,500 calligraphy teachers, having achieved remarkable outcomes at the current stage.