On December 23rd, the Second Award Ceremony and Achievement Display Conference on Excellent Cases of Rural Educational Development was held in Beijing. The Conference was jointly sponsored by the National Rural Education Association (NREA) under the Chinese Society of Education (CSE) and Research Institute of Rural Education of Northeast Normal Universitythe Ministry of Education(MOE) Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences. Over 100 reputed participants in the education field were presented, including directors of education commissions, experts, principals or presidents, and teacher representatives.


Zhang Dongyan, Deputy Secretary General of MOE, attended the Conference and delivered a speech. She stated that practical experience, typical experience in particular, is the major source of theoretical innovation. Therefore, urbanization serves as a key perspective for the consideration on the current rural education, and various inspirations can be drawn from classic cases.


Wu Zhihui, Director of NREA under CSE, gave full credit to this case collection. Director Wu believed that it plays an important role in improving the theoretical level of rural education and that a full comprehension of rural education practice in China is of great significance to the formulation and implementation of rural Chinese education polices.


The Conference also serves as a platform for exchanges of education experience among awardees and rural teaching staff. Speeches were delivered on topics of regional education revolution, cultural construction in rural schools, and school-based curriculum design. Experts from the education circle also offered valuable comments.


Qin Yuyou, Executive Deputy Director of NREA under CSE, summarized the Conference from three aspects regional decision making, school leadership, and learning capacity of teachers and students. He proposed the modern concept of education as “focusing on the growth of students and professional development of teachers,” the school running concept as “teacher leadership,” and the regional education management concept as “school vitality.”


According to the Report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we will “promote the coordinated development of compulsory education in urban and rural areas, while giving particular attention to rural areas and striving to see that each and every child has fair access to good education.” We hope that this collection for excellent cases of rural education development can attract more ones to help realize the coordinated education development in urban and rural areas as well as the modernization of education.


Zhang Dongyan, Deputy Secretary General of MOE, presents certificate to the first prize winner


Wu Zhihui and Qin Yuyou, Director and Executive Deputy Director of NREA under CSE, respectively present certificates to the second prize winners