CSE Establishes a Strategic Partnership with Beijing Lead Future Foundation, Working Together to Explore the Way of Education Innovation

Recently, the Chinese Society of Education (CSE) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Lead Future Foundation, establishing a strategic partnership between the two sides. Based on this cooperation, the two parties will launch a seriesof projects, which will facilitate the exploration of the future development of education under the “new normal” in the society.

The cooperationis aimed at sufficiently integrating the two parties’ advantages. By organizing and leveraging their resources and advantages, the two sides hope to, by means of advanced education philosophies and practices, achieve education innovation and talent cultivationand provide support for the professional development and promotion of young talents in the field of education, so as to forge a new high-quality education model which can be replicated and inherited, and foster the development of China’s education.

Meanwhile, CSE and Beijing Lead Future Foundation will work together to hold education forums, organize teaching training sessions for teachers, and promote the sharing of quality teaching resources. Through these activities, the two parties hope to seek an effective alignment between excellent education theories and basic-level teaching experience, cultivate and promote the professional quality and capabilities of teachers engaged in the program of “Teach for China,”enhance the all-round development of students in regions involved in the program, and provide an unlimited degree of possibilities for education.



[About “Teach for China”]

The “Teach for China” is a non-profit education program launched by Beijing Lead Future Foundation. Over the past nine years, the program has recruited and placed a number of outstanding Chinese youths with the educational ideal as full-time teachers in regions starved of education resources, in an effort to improve the education received by students there. Meanwhile, the program provides a platform and sufficient support for youths to improve themselves, and enables them to observe and contribute to the balanced development of education for a longer period.