CSE Holds a Training Workshop for Result recognition, Helping Teachers in Tutoring Agencies Get Accredited as Senior Teachers in the First-ever Test

The First Accreditation Test for Senior Teachers in Tutoring Agencies (hereinafter referred to as the “Accreditation Test”), held by the Chinese Society of Education (CSE), was open to public since December 27th, 2016. Excellent teachers who have passed the first two assessment sessions— a written examination and a teaching competition —can make it to the final assessment session, namely the result recognition. After that, those who have passed all the three sessions will be the first senior teachers accredited by a third-party agency in the private tutoring industry.

Before the session of result recognition, CSE today organized a Training Workshop for Result recognition in the Accreditation Test for Senior Teachers in Tutoring Agencies (hereinafter referred to as the “Training Workshop”), so as to improve the teachers’ understanding of teaching research and help them overcome bottlenecks in teaching and teaching research. A panel of experts was invited to train the teachers. The Training Workshop included the introduction to the specifics in the session of result recognition and training for teachers in terms of their professional development and teaching research.It was an on-site training, and those who were not able to attend it could watch the recorded video later on the official website of the Accreditation Test(http://www.jiaoshirenzheng.org/). After the Training Workshop, teachers shall prepare necessary documents according to the type of result recognitionthey apply for.

The First Accreditation Test is designed based on the teaching scenarios of tutoring teachers. The first two sessions can assess their overall quality, their knowledge and capability in education and teaching, and their teaching practice through a written examination and a teaching competition; in the last session of result recognition, the panel of experts will review the result documents of teachers who will then present their oral defense. In this way, the teachers can thoroughly showcase their teaching results, innovative capabilities, and professional contributions, so that the leading figures among them can be selected in an objective and scientific manner: boasting plenty of teaching experience, they can develop their experience into theories and make great contributions to their agencies and the industry. Additionally, the session of result recognition can help assess the professional capabilities of teachers in tutoring agencies, which is an unprecedented move in the industry. 

The senior teachers in tutoring agencies are playing a leading role in the teaching force. They have made great contributions in terms of teaching research, teacher development research, curriculum system R&D, and teaching model innovation. Hence, they have achieved the transformation from experience-oriented teachers to research-oriented ones. These outstanding teacherscan come up with effective “teaching theories” based on their reflection on and summary of the teaching practices, which then provide positive guidance for the teaching practices of them and the other teachers. They can also learn about influential and useful training methods and courses from the training sessions. Meanwhile, they can independently achieve various original and practical results, such as courses, curriculum systems, teaching materials, handouts, and teaching slides. Additionally, they are also capable of exploring new education models, teaching methods, and teaching approaches by means of new technologies and models. The Accreditation Test is aimed at selecting leading figures in the private tutoring industry, and honoring and recognizing them, so as to make them examples for the other teachers in the industry in terms of professional improvement and career development.

After the Training Workshop, the teachers shall submit their own result documents before June 22nd. After receiving the documents, CSE will review them and inform the applicants of the review results in a timely manner. Those who fail the review can revise their documents and submit them for a second-time review before June 26th. The short-listed teachers can attend the oral defense for result recognition which will be held from July 3rd to 5th.